For many Atlassian customers, Confluence is more than just a documentation platform. It’s widely adopted as an intranet, trusted by leading organisations like NASA and HubSpot

However, one major setback when investing in Confluence as an intranet solution is the lack of user engagement and content reporting capabilities. Without these insights, it’s challenging to measure Confluence’s effectiveness as an internal communication tool. As a leader, you’d want to ensure every user is onboard and collaborates effectively on Confluence. 

In today’s post, learn how analytics and reporting can help you make the most of your Confluence intranet. Then, discover Viewtracker – the best analytics solution that can help you monitor and optimise your intranet performance. 

Let’s dive in!

How analytics and reporting can make your Confluence intranet effective

Setting up an intranet is not as easy as populating your Confluence with a vast amount of information and calling it a day. A better way to yield positive intranet outcomes is to make it usable through analytics and reporting.

Here’s how analytics and reporting can make your intranet investment a success:  

Structure your intranet better

It’s crucial that important content is easily discoverable and usable by anyone. With the right data and analysis, you can identify:

  • which information is important;
  • where users are looking for information in Confluence;
  • who’s responsible for maintaining it; and
  • how to improve existing content.

Ultimately, you can establish a clearer intranet navigation that’s organised and accessible to everyone in your organisation. 

Make strategic decisions  

Confluence is filled with data just waiting to be mined for strategic decisions about your intranet implementation. For instance, monitoring company updates, page views, and audience behaviour on pages can help the Employee Communications department to optimise communications strategies and plans.

Empower inter-team collaboration

An intranet is a company-wide resource centre that helps teams do their best work. Analytics can help related teams to create, manage, and optimise a knowledge base that’s valuable to other teams and even external readers.

You too can make your intranet investment a success using bitvoodoo’s flagship app: Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence. Learn more about how the app brings robust content analytics capabilities to your Confluence below. 

Measure your intranet effectiveness with Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence 

Now, let’s learn the core elements of a typical intranet and the type of data that needs reporting to ensure the effectiveness of your Confluence intranet.  

Some core elements of an intranet include:

  • Company Updates 
  • Directory 
  • Spaces, Pages, and Blogs as Team Workspaces 
  • Documentation and FAQs

Company Updates

This is often the first thing that users see when they login to Confluence. Pay attention to user engagement metrics like Total Page Views and Likes to understand adoption rate and what needs improving. 

Viewtracker global report
Global Report from the Viewtracker app summarises visitor behaviour and content importance of Confluence.

Open up the Global Report to track usage of individual pages, spaces, or even globally. This high-level overview allows you to compare unique views against the number of Confluence users and determine the right strategies for driving more user adoption. 


A typical intranet comes with an index page, or a directory, with quick links to the most important spaces and pages. 

Easily review the content statistics across the platform and identify important ones with low usage or views. Based on that data, you can restructure your intranet navigation and feature key pages on the main directory for better discovery.  

You can filter the sources (e.g.: device types) and content type from the Space Report to generate a broader comparison across spaces and user activities. 

Viewtracker space reports
See how spaces across your Confluence instance are faring through Viewtracker’s Space Report  

Spaces, Pages, and Blogs

Confluence spaces, pages, and blogs are the level of content categorisation recommended for efficient knowledge management. For example, each department (e.g. IT) can create a team space dedicated to their internal processes and information. Then, they can create pages for specific projects to collaborate on execution.  

Within each space, employees can then create pages for long-lasting information that may evolve (e.g. IT best practices). Blogs are perfect for one-time updates (e.g. remote working policy enforcement). 

And with the Viewtracker app, you can analyse data like Top Spaces to know content performance trends. This information gives insights into how teams are making use of shared knowledge to move work forward. 

For instance, maybe you noticed that there’s an increase in visitors coming to the IT space when the remote working policy is enforced. Use this insight to create and communicate an IT best practice guide for employees who are working from home. 

When used strategically as an information centre, Confluence can improve employee productivity and collaboration. 

Global Statistics Report
Global Statistics Report from the app allows you to measure and optimise the content on your intranet.

Documentation and FAQs

This section ensures that employees can quickly access commonly asked questions about the company or project. If some part of your intranet is public-facing – such as software documentation for customers – then an FAQ section may be necessary. 

In the long-run, FAQs help to identify underlying issues with the company’s services, products, or practices, and then reduce support costs.

To know if FAQs are doing their job, analyse engagement metrics like Jira Service Desk (JSD) ViewsComments and Likes. More likes could mean that employees found the content to be helpful. If there’s a significantly higher engagement rate on a particular page than the rest, you can look into the group of users who viewed it the most. Then, analyse which aspect of the page appeals to readers and apply that on similar pages.  

Make the most of your Confluence with powerful content analytics

Confluence is a powerful foundation to build a well-organised company intranet platform. But to maximise value from this investment, data is key. 

Data-backed insights can help you make informed decisions and drive strategic communication improvements for employees and the company. 

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